How We Save You Money

Millions saved and counting.

By analyzing hundreds of businesses every week, Cut Processing Cost (CPC) has found hidden costs and fees in 93% of our client’s accounts.  If you’re like them, you’re being overcharged – and the money adds up.

Until now, business owners have had no tools to find or interpret unfair fees.  That’s where CPC comes in.  We remove excess charges, monitor your bills using a proprietary system, and make sure those fees stay gone. In our short time in the market we’ve saved our clients millions. 

We don’t get paid until you save.

CPC is based on a “Pay After Performance” model.  You don’t pay us until we’ve removed the hidden charges and documented the savings in your merchant services account.

Our fees come from a split of your realized savings.  Month after month, you’ll see our value as we continue to eliminate hidden charges and make sure they stay gone.

Our clients can expect to receive 10%-25%, sometimes up to 40%, cost reduction every month, without changing processors, buying new equipment or impacting operations. 

Call Cut Processing Cost now and find out how much your business can save!