Our Guarantee

It's a win-win.

Cut Processing Cost is so sure that we can eliminate the hidden fees in your credit card processing account that we offer a Win-Win Guarantee. If we cannot save you money on your credit card processing, our services cost you nothing.

Research has shown that 99% of merchants are paying hidden and unfair credit card processing fees each month, and they are severely impacting your bottom line. 93% of merchants qualify for our service.  Cut Processing Cost is here to provide a hassle-free solution.

You pay us only a percentage of the documented savings.

With our free initial consultation, we’ll be able to determine if we can save you 10-25% or more per month right away. It’s risk-free and you don’t owe us any payment until you save, guaranteed! 

With our "Pay After Performance" model, we work strictly on a contingency basis, receiving only a percentage of the money that we save you, our valued client. Let us find, remove and lock out the hidden costs and fees of credit card processors for you. We know the interchange rules and we put them to your advantage. It’s a win-win for you - guaranteed!