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The mission of Cut Processing Cost is to protect our clients and reduce credit card processing costs without requiring that they switch processing companies.

The credit card processing industry provides real value to companies large and small. It’s a big business – with over $48 billion dollars in fees paid annually.  But, with over 2,000 processing companies competing for customers among more than 13.5 million merchants, the landscape has become extremely competitive.

Competition has squeezed credit card processing companies. So what have they done? They’ve found ways to insert additional fees and charges into their customer billing statements. These costs are well-hidden or obscured, baffling customers who originally signed on for quoted rates that were quite nominal.

Cut Processing Cost protects you from hidden fees and charges.

This is unfair. Cut Processing Cost is here to protect merchant account users from their credit card processors. We have already saved our clients millions of dollars in excessive charges, and we are certain we can reduce your charges too.

Our team shares the commitment to fighting unfair charges and empowering your company to keep more of the money it earns.  Let us put our proprietary process to work for you today.

With one click or call, Cut Processing Cost can determine your potential savings.

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