Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Cut Processing Cost?
    First of all, we are NOT a credit card processing company. CPC was formed in 2010 to reduce its clients' credit card processing costs without requiring that they switch processing companies.
  2. How does Cut Processing Cost reduce our company's credit card processing costs?
    We start by reviewing your company's latest merchant account billing statement. Our proprietary software analyzes your statement and determines whether your account meets our minimum savings threshold. If you meet the threshold, we remove hidden fees and charges on your monthly statements – generally reducing your credit card processing costs by 10-25%, and sometimes up to 40%.
  3. How much does Cut Processing Cost's service cost us?
    It costs your company nothing out of pocket. We do not take payment in advance for our services. CPC is paid only for performance, a percentage of the monthly amount saved. Cut Processing Cost is paid with "found" money, after your company has realized the savings.
  4. What if the test says Cut Processing Cost cannot save our company the minimum amount for doing business with us?
    That’s good news – it means you’re in the 7% of companies facing only minimum hidden charges and fees.  Unfortunately, it means that CPC can’t work to further minimize your fees. Cut Processing Cost can achieve significant cost reductions for 93% of the companies we analyze.
  5. What if the test says Cut Processing Cost can save our company more than the minimum?
    Your company signs Cut Processing Cost's agreement, authorizing us to make a detailed analysis of your company's merchant account billing and to present our findings to your company's merchant services processor.
  6. What happens after Cut Processing Cost presents its findings to our company's merchant services processor?
    Your merchant services processor will give you a letter detailing the cost items they are removing from your billing statement.
  7. How do we know whether our merchant services processor actually does remove the cost items as stated?
    Cut Processing Cost measures your merchant account statement every month and gives you a precise report. Also, we monitor your merchant account billing statement every month to make sure none of the removed cost items return to your billing statement.
  8. What if our merchant services processor refuses to remove the hidden and unfair costs that Cut Processing Cost finds and presents to them?
    That occurs only rarely. If your processor persists in that position, it means they do not want your company as a customer. In that case we recommend a new processor to you, one which we know deals fairly with its customers.  Again, we are not a merchant services processor, so in that instance we refer you to another provider which deals fairly.
  9. Can you tell us exactly how much you can save our company before we sign the agreement with Cut Processing Cost?
    No. A significant amount of Cut Processing Cost's expense is incurred on the front end of a client relationship. We do not start that work until an agreement is in place.
  10. Can you approximate in advance the amount that Cut Processing Cost might save us on our company's merchant account billing?
    The amount saved is generally 10%-25% on a monthly basis, and in some cases is up to 40%.
  11. Does our company have to buy any equipment as part of doing business with Cut Processing Cost?
    No. Your company does not have to change processors, buy equipment, retrain staff or change operations.  There is no impact on your day-to-day business.
  12. Are there any other costs to our company in doing business with Cut Processing Cost?
    There is a small setup fee for companies where we achieve under $3,600 savings annually. There are no other costs.
  13. How does our company make payment to Cut Processing Cost when we see documented savings?
    Payment is made either by standing credit card authorization or bank account ACH authorization.